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Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) and pronounced as COO-walk. This is the new music of a world in transition, an eclectic mix of traditional and modern lyrics combined into a unique, soul-stirring, groove-bending, bass-pounding aural ecstasy. Experience our funk-inspired, original compositions and even some traditional lyrics blended with the unsilenced, living voice of Gàidhlig. You'll feel the distant echoes of Renaissance English and sometimes even peer into the deep, dark forest of Middle English and Anglo-Saxon.At the same time, you will keep one eye fixed firmly on the imaginative and scintillating world of the future.

The divide between “traditional”, “contemporary”, “pop”, “classical” and whatever litany of hashtag sub-categories that the streaming algorithms feed you is artificial, artistically myopic and obsolete. Ours is a vibrant, living, powerful and inspirational jewel, a music about life, emotional vibrance and complex ideas.

We are releasing our newest music first via this website, so our newest creations you won’t hear on the streaming services for months.

This is an exciting time for the world of music. Expand your horizons. Sample and enjoy the vast garden of voices. We are the future.

Togaidh an Obair an Fhianais! Let the work bear the witness!

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©2019 by Cumhachd Music. All Rights Reserved.

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News & Updates

NEW SINGLES are currently available for DIRECT DOWNLOAD only on our PURCHASE page before release to the streaming platforms.

Count Baltar, Kanienkeha, Breathing In Breathing Out and Tranception, are available only at cumhachd.bandcamp.com.

To purchase material directly, follow our PURCHASE page. For booking or correspondence, contact us at cumhachdmusic@outlook.com.  

Please come experience our art projects on Instagram and TikTok. We’re also on Twitter. 

We've launched our new YOUTUBE and VIMEO channel under Cumhachd Music, although we’re not too impressed by the video companies who still profit hugely from the legal loophole that allows an exemption of royalty payments to artists for music that is “synched to video”.

However, until the consumer is willing and able to pay artists for their hard work instead of stripping audio for free, artists will have to depend on these sites for a little self-advertising! So, make the effort to subscribe, to like, and not judge too harshly in the comments sections!